At the end of 2011, Unisite Inc. reached an agreement with Bruckner Inc. to purchase two of the most advanced BOPP production lines in the industry.  Our assets have multi-layer coextrusion capability up to 5 layers.   With a production width of 8.7 meters and speeds up to 500 meters/minute, Uniscite productivity is second to none.  We have an approximate capacity of 70,000 metric tons per year.

Sequential Bi-axial Orientation Production Line




  • High Productivity 

Each line is 8.7 meters wide and capable of machine speeds reaching 500 meters/minute. 


  • Versatility

Exceptional thickness capability, ranging from 12 micron to 60 micron.  These lines

also feature the latest coextrusion technologies and surface treatment capabilities.  


  • Consistent Quality 

Our assets have superior process controls to ensure we produce and deliver only the finest

BOPP films with each order.